Email Marketing


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Email is arguably one of the most significant technological advances made so far. It allows us to keep everything up to date, from family outings to the latest news. Communication methods are also evolving year by year, so you can read and receive emails from anywhere by browsing the phone. Although it has a long history, the use of email among Americans is consistent and frequent. Therefore, Revolutionary Designers marketing company is strongly encouraged to invest in email marketing for you and your business. We can help you keep repeaters fascinated by your service and create the best email marketing campaigns to help you bring new customers to your customers. 


What is Email Marketing? 

It may sound simple on paper. You send an email to people on your email list. However, it’s much more complicated than that for various reasons. First, you need to sort your email list to see who is receiving the email and how to find out which address is spam. You should also regularly check the number and percentage of different aspects of your email, such as Click rate. This can be a hassle if you don’t have a dedicated team of email marketing professionals to help you create and run your email campaign. 


However, its importance cannot be denied. Email marketing is a trial-and-error method in the world of digital marketing. It’s a way to stay in touch with past, current, and even future customers, all in one streamlined service. Email keeps you in touch with your business, staying at the forefront of the minds of your past customers and giving them the ability to come back for more. You can also attract current customers with exclusive updates through email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a great way to reach consumers looking for a product like you and who haven’t found you yet.

Email Marketing Benefits 

Email campaigns can be a refreshing change in the digital world, where consumers are constantly being attacked by competing ads to attract attention. Personalized emails drive these coveted conversions because they show a desire to engage with customers more personally, rather than relying on Facebook and Instagram posts to market themselves. Please show them your appreciation. Inform them about your products or services. You can even share exclusive promotions and discounts with your loyal subscribers. 

Suppose you don’t know whether to invest in your email marketing strategy with a Revolutionary designer marketing agency. In that case, we can help keep your business in the minds of your clients and various other long-term benefits. I have. With email marketing, you can: 

Increase business sales 

Promote the latest products or services through email campaigns so that your customers can follow you. 

Increased Web Traffic 

Click through rate tracks the number of times an email viewer clicks on an embedded link to visit your website. 

Establish authority and increase brand loyalty 

Once new subscribers are added to your email list, they will be interested in following all updates for your company. Please take advantage of it! 

Track customer trends and engagement 

You can track various statistics related to your email campaign and report all the results. Prepare your content for subscribers. 

A personalized campaign that keeps viewers interested after the sale. Take it a step further with data and insights from your email campaigns. You will be able to tell who your top fans are and make a plan just for them. Create a new campaign to reach out to only your followers with the most open and a separate one to win back those that may have lost interest. You and your business can take many different opportunities when you invest in an email marketing campaign strategy from the Revolutionary Designers marketing agency.



email marketing

Coming up with Email Marketing Strategies

Our team is not just about creating  aesthetics. So we study your business to outline the best strategies for your campaign, which we will continually test and improve.

We’ve worked across a wide range of industries, giving us the experience to build composite and extremely difficult strategies and the right messaging for any automated campaign.

Customer Acquisition Funnels

Over the period of few years, So our team has secured customer journeys and messaging.

For example, So if you have a product based on subscription, such as medication, So our team will structure automatic email reminders for your customers. So we can do this for every possible product in your checklist.

E-mail marketing Process


Step 01

 Most of our clients have developed an email list and email audience over their years of business.

Yet, most have still difficulties with messaging and automation. So Our team will analyses your previous email marketing campaigns.And strategically devise recommendations for improving your retention/conversion numbers.


Step 02

We’ve learnt from previous email marketing campaigns that segmentation is one the simplest and most effective ways to personalize emails.

Not two customers have same taste, or are they same. So we incorporate personalized emails on the customers’ previous interactions with your company.



Step 03

Our designers have created hundreds of unique emails tailored to your brand.

Our policy never allows us lean on templates, making sure that every single campaign is an individual message your audience has never seen before. Thus ,Each design is also productive, so no matter how your customers engage with your emails, they’ll all get the same great vibes.

Step 04

In E-Commerce, email automation is key to avoiding things like cart abandonment.

At Revolutionary Designers, we are committed to build mechanised workflows that react to the actions of your customers, including sending cart reminders to your customers. So you’ll never be unable to take out on a sale again.

Step 05

The final step is to measure results and reform our efforts like everything else we do at DRIP.

We trail the trends in one nearly all the campaign, get a better insight of your customers and what they respond to with each project.